Remix LED 450 Lumen Water Resistant Head Torch

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The Remix should be your go-to when runtime is crucial. The Remix features an astounding 63h FL1 runtime on High, by far the best in it’s class. For preserving night vision it also features a cluster of red LEDs for close at hand tasks. Equipped with an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch. The end result; true versatility in a compact, water resistant, and self-contained package.

Power: 450 Lumens
Lamp: 1 Maxbright LED
3 Ultrabright LEDs
Burn Time: 63 Hours
Batteries: 3 AAA Alkaline (included)
Weight: 2.9oz / 83g with batteries
Water Resistant: IPX4 (splashing water)
Product Manual: Remix Product Manual (PDF)
Modes: Run Time Distance
Spot High:
450 lumens
Run Time: 63h
Reserve: 22h
Spot Medium:
300 lumens
Run Time: 14h
Reserve: 74h
Spot Low:
100 lumens
Run Time: 6h
Reserve: 44h
Red High:
15 lumens
Run Time: 6h 22m
Red Low:
3 lumens
Run Time: 73h 8m

USA - International 5 Year Warranty

Princeton Tec warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for 5 years. This warranty covers all of the component parts of the product except batteries and incandescent bulbs. This warranty does not cover deterioration due to normal wear or damage due to misuse, alteration, negligence, accidents or unauthorised repair. For more information, please visit our Support & Warranty page.