You make so many different lights. How do I know which ones are best for me?

It’s true. We have a lot of different lights. The choices may seem a little overwhelming at first, but a few simple questions will help you narrow down the options.

  • Will you use the light for an activity that matches one of our three divisions? (Outdoor, Dive or Industrial)
  • Do you need hands-free (headlamp), hands-on (flashlight), area (lantern) or “be seen” (marker/strobe) lighting? Or do you need a helmet-mounted light (check Industrial) or a bike-mounted light (see Outdoor)?
  • What activities will you use the light for?
    • Fast-moving and/or varied terrain activities (trail running, mountain biking, etc.)?
    • Higher lumens may be best for you – focus on lights with 200+ lumens.
    • Not-as-fast-moving activities in less varied terrain (road running, hanging around camp, low-key hiking, fishing, etc.)?
    • High-lumen lights with a low flood setting or dimmability will work or lights under 200 lumens.
  • What are your fuel needs?
    • Alkaline: The battery type that fuels most of your electronics. Do you carry other gear that uses a specific battery type? Sticking to one type of battery (e.g. AAA) makes it easier to stay prepared.
    • Rechargeable: Feeling green? Have a regular power source to plug into? Shop rechargeable options.
    • Lithium: Planning to spend a lot of time in extreme cold or heat? Lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than most alkaline batteries and can often withstand extreme temperatures.

What are lumens and how many do I need?

A lumen is a unit that measures light, as derived by the International System of Units (SI). It’s also how we measure the light output of our products. Lumens are important, but lumen count isn’t the only factor that affects brightness. The quality of the reflector and how long the light maintains its lumen count before the battery begins to drain will also influence brightness. See our note on regulated lights under the “Bulbs” tab in our Tec Defined section.

Lumen counts can be a matter of preference, but here’s our rule of thumb: if you’re doing a fast-paced activity, covering varied terrain or you REALLY want to nail that starry Instagram photo, look for products with 200 lumens and higher. If your activities are more moderately paced, cover somewhat consistent terrain, or are focused around a campfire, for example, 200 lumens or less will do the job.

At Princeton Tec, we preach the gospel of light discipline: whenever possible, do what you need to do (safely), with as little light as possible – without giving yourself a headache. This approach helps to preserve the peace of the outdoors at night, while also preserving the integrity of your friends’ eyes when you look directly at them while wearing a headlamp (see also: why do I need a red LED?).

Why would I need a red LED? What about the other colour LEDs you offer?

A red LED emits a different light wavelength than a white LED, making it a little easier on your eyes. The red light is helpful for a few reasons:

  • You won’t blind friends, relatives, and strangers when you look directly at them, headlamp blazing.
  • You can see the stars more clearly.
  • Red light enables you to focus on a close task, yet your eyes adjust much faster when you look up into the dark. Military and law enforcement personnel have long used red light to preserve night vision and decrease their overall light signature in many different situations.
  • It’s less disruptive to wildlife.

We also produce several other LED colours (green, blue, UV & IR), but they may not be available in all of our products. Some outdoor products do have various light colour combinations, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact sales@princetontec.co.uk

Where can I get more information about a Princeton Tec product I own or I’m considering purchasing?

If you have a question about the warranty, please see the following question.

For any other questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team at sales@princetontec.co.uk

Our office is open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm. We are closed during the weekend and Bank Holidays.

My Princeton Tec product has met an untimely end; can I have it serviced or repaired?

We are unable to carry out repairs or send replacement parts. We will, however, replace your light with an identical product or, if the product is no longer available, a comparable product. We will then ship the replacement light back to you. Please see How does your warranty process work for more details.

How does your warranty process work?

Whitby & Co (UK) Ltd are the exclusive Importer and Distributor / Warranty Centre for Princeton Tec in the UK and Ireland. If your product requires attention, we'll be happy to take a look at it for you.

We are unable to carry out repairs or send replacement parts. We will, however, replace your light with an identical product or, if the product is no longer available, a comparable product. We will then ship the replacement light back to you.

Please note, if you have purchased directly from princetontec.co.uk within the last 14 days and would like to return or exchange your item, please refer to our return/exchange page.

How do I return my product to you?

Step 1 - Package your warranty item securely

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for items that do not reach us. Please send your warranty repair via an insured and trackable service where delivery confirmation can be obtained if necessary.

Be sure to download and complete the Warranty Returns form - download here.

The form must be completed, signed and included with your defective product in order for us to process your warranty request.

Step 2 - Ship your package to us

Whitby & Co (UK) Ltd
Princeton Tec Warranty Returns
Aynam Mills
Canal Head North

Your Warranty return will be inspected by our Warranty team. We'll aim to have your warranty resolved within 10 working days of receipt. Please do not email us to check on the progress of your warranty unless you have not heard from us within 10 days.

Step 3 - We do the rest

If a fault is found, provided it is within the period, we'll replace your defective item free of charge and return it to you at our expense.

Who covers the postage?

You are responsible for shipping costs for returning your defective item to us. We will return your replacement at our cost.


Please contact our Warranty team at sales@princetontec.co.uk

Can you tell me about the lock-out features (i.e. – why won’t my light turn on?)

Many of our lights can be “locked out,” allowing transport in bags or pockets without risk of the light accidentally switching on.

The Vizz, Byte and Axis headlamp models have a lockout function. Depending on the version or model, the lockout can be engaged and disengaged by either sliding a lock switch on the battery door, or by holding down the on/off button for a few seconds, or by “triple-clicking” the on/off button. The Product Manual will show you the correct method for your model.

What can you tell me about the Princeton Tec Headstrap Tool?

All Princeton Tec headlamps come with our Headstrap Tool, which is a plastic moulded, curved-edge piece on the side of your headstrap buckle. This tool can open battery door latches or thumbscrews. Like a good friend, it’s always there when you need it.

Can my incandescent bulb light be upgraded to use LEDs?

No. Sorry! We would have to swap out the product’s core module, which doesn’t usually go well.